Meet the Gang

We are a small team of university students with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Say hello to our team for 2020-21.

2020-21 Executive Team



Degree: Bachelor of Communications and Media (Dean’s Scholar). Majoring in Digital Media and Communication and Marketing and Advertising.

I love the way technology extends the capabilities of our creativity and allows us to produce the most beautiful digital ~ things ~. I joined the UOWDMS because I was finding it hard to connect with fellow students in my degree outside of the classroom. I wanted to get involved and help the community.

Throughout my time as President I hope to build UOWDMS into an essential component of the BCM community and ensure that the club exists for many years to come.

I am a bit all over the place when it comes to choosing a show to watch (hello, commitment issues). Currently, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Selling Sunset – random, I know! My hidden talent is that I am a Powerlifter. In my prime, I could lift 1.6 times my body weight!

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Vice President

Degree: Bachelor of Communications and Media (Dean’s Scholar) majoring in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

I love that digital technology is an unlimited sandbox for creativity and empowers people to express themselves however they want to.

I joined UOWDMS because I think the BCM community is so special and unique, and I want to help it thrive even more. Through my role at UOWDMS, I want to get more people really excited to explore their creativity and learn fun new skills beyond the classroom.

Lately, I haven’t had time to binge TV because I’ve been too busy playing Spiritfarer on my Switch buuuut I do watch The Bachelor (its like comfort food, pls don’t @ me). I’m obsessed with hunting for new snacks at the grocery store; once my bf had to stop me from buying those Sausage Sizzle flavoured Shapes because that was taking it too far apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Degree: Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies | Bachelor of International Studies (Dean’s Scholar). Majoring in Global Screen Media and Digital and Social Media, minoring in Japanese.

I love how we  can use technology to connect with people across the world. I’ve made some pretty cool cross-continent friends because we talked about common interests through the internet! My first year uni experience was lonesome until I started getting more involved with the BCM community through DMS, and I think previous executive teams have done a lot to foster the community over the last couple of years! I want to help make sure future first years come straight in to feeling like they’re part of a community.

Recently, a friend got me to start watching this Chinese Xianxia drama called “The Untamed” and I’ve been obsessively into the fandom ever since. Would y’all believe me if I told you I joined a theatrical fencing troupe last year?🤺 

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Bachelor of Communication and Media. Majoring in Digital and Social Media.

I love technology because of it’s constant innovation and potential for creativity and entertainment.

I joined DMS predominantly to meet new people and put myself outside my comfort zone. I’ve been lucky enough to make many friends through the club! Throughout my time as Treasurer, I hope to create something for the community with longevity – a legacy perhaps?

I am currently binging Cuckoo on Netflix and I have a secret love for discovering new extended franchise lore. Geeks, where you at?

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Events Coordinator

Degree: Bachelor of Communication and Media. Majoring in Marketing and Advertising.

The digital technology world can be a wonderful place, full of people from all walks of life, interesting and fun communities and a space where anyone can be anything!

I decided to join DMS because it is an opportunity I just couldn’t bypass. I have a passion for people and to undertake a role that will allow me to pursue this and much more is amazing! Also, being able to work with a wholesome team and community is another aspect that drew me to the role. Creating events, workshops, opportunities and much more that are engaging, interesting and fun is what I can’t wait to do!

During my time at DMS I hope to continue expanding the community to include a variety of degrees across the degree of Communication and Media, and potentially more!

I am currently binging the iconic sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine (again), which I highly recommend for your next Netflix sess.In my spare time I am also a circus acrobat.

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Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor of Communications and Media (Marketing & Advertising)/Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing and History)

I love about digital technology because of the amazing things that people can create with something as simple as a phone or laptop. The immediacy and interconnectedness offered to us through digital technologies is something that has always awed me, for it means that we can keep in contact without having to be physically present! 

I joined the DMS executive team because I wanted to challenge myself and experiment with the skills that my two years within the BCM have taught me. I have wanted to join from the start (I was always too shy) but I am pushing myself outside my comfort zone this semester! I’m very excited to be a part of a community for BCM students, by BCM students! 

I want to promote the DMS so that we become simultaneous with BCM, a space where we can celebrate and showcase our amazing digital skills. 

At the moment I am watching Outlander (for the second time!). My hidden talent is my ability to quote movies with disconcerting accuracy.

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Social Media Manager

Degree: Bachelor of Communications and Media (Digital and Social Media and Marketing)

I love digital technology because I can keep up to date with anyone at any time. Always feel connected to people. 

I joined the DMS exec team to gain experience that I can put on my resume. Also want to be a part of something I connect with other people doing my major. 

In my time at DMS I hope to gain industry skills and meet likeminded individuals!

At the moment, I am watching Money Heist. I also train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It becomes weird when you realise the whole point of the sport is to choke people or break their limbs unless that submit to you.

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Founding Executives


President and Founding Executive

Degree: Bachelor of Communication and Media (Honours), and he holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, majoring in International Relations, and Digital Media and Communication.

We live in an incredibly exciting time – the kind of digital networks that exist today, and the impact these have upon the way the world is governed, are allowing individuals to broadcast in a way that has never before been possible. Governments are only just beginning to understand this.

As the first of the five co-founders of UOWDMS, I was keen to build an institution that captured the essence of the BCM community, and was able to sustain itself with social events and professional opportunities. When I started at UOW in 2016 this was talked about often, but attempts to set something up usually fizzled out as people lost interest. My time at UOWDMS was one of the happiest both at uni and in my life – it was incredibly rewarding to lead this diverse, crazy, memetic community.

My top 3 Achievements with UOWDMS:

• Positioning the DMS as the first port of call for all Communication and Media students, including growing membership to over 250 by 2020 and publishing the Pyatiletka, a five-year plan to guide the development and expansion of the Society on campus, resulting in being a finalist for UOW Club Person of the Year in 2019.

• Engaging with faculty staff to facilitate the delivery of subjects via our Discord server during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as facilitating an online BCM Town Meeting to provide academics with feedback on remote delivery.

• Being invited to the inaugural Australian Crisis Simulation Summit run by the Australian National University and the Australian Department of Defence, as well as the DIGI Engage conference run by the Digital Industry Group on the strength of my performance as President.

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Vice President and Founding Executive

Degree: Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Honours), majoring in Digital Media

What I love about digital technology is that it is basically an extension of yourself, but it also allows you to be completely anonymous. I like using it to learn more about people. 

I joined DMS as an exec because I felt like it was time for me to get more involved with university and the faculty. I also thought it would be a good way to meet like-minded people while also getting some great volunteering experience for my resume!

My top 3 Achievements with UOWDMS:

• Seeing the club grow from nothing to having over 250 members.

• Driving ticket sales for the Humanities and Arts Cocktail Party from 14% to 100% with just one meme. 

• Being asked to speak in lectures and work at open day to promote the degree.

My housemate just started watching the vampire diaries, giving me an excuse to watch it all over again with her. I grew up watching it so it’s a little nostalgic. Fun fact: I can whack the cap of a beer clean off with my knife skills.

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Events Coordinator and Founding Executive

Degree: Bachelor of Communications & Media (Digital Media) + Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations).

I am fascinated by the exponential advancement of digital technologies, particularly paradigm shifts in the traditional mediascape. We have shaped the internet, and in turn, adapted to the sweeping systematic eventualities of its architecture. It’s an exciting time to be alive – history in the making!

I joined DMS to help foster a physical compliment to the amazing online community in the BCM degree – Twitter is great, but I believe friendships and professional networks can be made even greater when we extend our transmedia narratives to reality. 

In my time as Events Coordinator I assisted in the delivery of educational workshops, helped host massive social events, and facilitated lasting friendships between club members. The role gave me valuable experience, opportunities for paid work, and helped me land a graduate program straight out of uni!

Since I was little I’ve always loved origami. It requires zero investment, suits all ages + abilities, and has limitless potential – just like digital media!  

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Secretary and Founding Executive

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) and Bachelor of International Studies (Global Media and Communication)

I love how digital technology not only connects diverse people, but enables the spread of information and gives access to those who otherwise might not come across different streams of thinking. 

I joined DMS as an exec because I wanted to help students navigate the complexities of uni life whilst also enjoying the benefits of a uni based community! 

My top 3 Achievements with UOWDMS:

• Developed an incredibly strong friendship circle with amazing people who are genuinely interested in helping others

• Worked for UOW on Open Day, running a workshop with year 11\12 students who were exploring their tertiary education options

• Was able to articulate my skills and experiences developed through DMS to acquire an 8 week Internship with careers central @ UOW 

My best party trick would be that I can call my Dad any hours of the day and he will come and pick me up & take my friends home

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UOWDMS Content Creators


Tik Tok Content Creator

Bachelor of Communications and Media, majoring in Digital and Social Media

Digital technology is insane because it allows everyone to showcase their interests in a more creative and dynamic way online and most importantly it brings everyone together while we are apart.

I joined DMS because I felt it was an opportunity to put my personality out there, be creative and I also see this as such a fun and exciting side project while I’m studying at uni. I will be creating content for UOW DMS on TikTok (everyone’s social media guilty pleasure!!)

Currently I am binge watching a show called Normal People, I secretly love a bit of coming of age romance (10/10 would binge again).

I’d say my weird talent is knowing all the lyrics to really random songs that most people don’t know.

Tweet me: @michaelashales

Check out my content: @UOWDMS


Facebook Content Creator

Degree: Bachelor of Communications and Media (Majoring in Digital and Social Media)

With technology I love how an entire world is at your fingertips, the ability to fully immerse yourself in an entirely different world and then leave that world as you please fascinates me. My passion for technology has fuelled me from a young age, and I don’t see my tank flashing empty anytime soon.

I joined DMS because I want any experience I can get and combining that with my want passion for social media, it really was a no-brainer. I’m also hoping that I can meet some new people and build connections through DMS.

With the DMS I hope to further build my confidence and skillset in the social media field. Additionally, having further experience with working collaboratively is a vital skillset in the workforce, and this is the perfect opportunity to hone this skill.

I’m currently re-watching Stranger Things! Avoiding the upside-down at all costs. Another thing to know about me is that I’m weirdly flexible. Once I have a few drinks I’ll make sure you have seen me put my legs behind my head at least 5 times. I’m also a playlist connoisseur, so if you want my Spotify hit me up.

Tweet me: @mylifeisajokexx

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